When we’re little ones

When we’re little ones.

Whenever you speak with kids and ask what their dreams are or want they want to become, they will resolutely answer you, some may be shy but they’ll still end up telling you. And I admire them for such.  Pure, delicate, without fear nor boundaries. These are the truths about them, the reality about our young ones and about us when we we’re little ones.

When you see them, it seems they have no problems or issues at all. Full of dreams, vigor, knows no hindrances nor limits. Their smiles are everywhere because of optimism. “NO” is not included in their vocabulary for persistence is abundant in their thoughts.

Question is, do we still have that mindset, now that we are adults? Are we able to bring with us that vision when we were kids? Do we still take time to remember our dreams and aspirations? Or has eaten a lot of time thinking more of problems? Ironically, it is the opposite for most of the people. How come these things had happened for many, if not all?

Perhaps the direct answer to this has been well stated by Brent Hansen, co-founder of StratusMall Online Micro Franchise. “What we think about regularly, reality creates for us. Perhaps one of the most difficult things to admit is that our present existence is merely an accumulation of our past thoughts and actions. We literally are exactly in the position our thoughts have placed us.” I like the way he used the word “accumulation”.When fear and negative thoughts accumulate in our minds, it will attract the same level of thinking, people and or situations. Few people accept this reality, no wonder why only few are successful and the rest are the opposite.

That’s why this blog was made. To help everyone utilize the power of choice in us, to that which will improve our lives. To hold on with our dreams and kick you to do something about it. Brent added, “If our results are not what we desire, then it is time to think new thoughts which will become new actions. And sometimes it is even necessary to throw out everything we think we know, and find someone who can tell us or teach us exactly how we should be thinking.” Change is inevitable and change we must! For if we desire something new there must be a change within the vessel first!

Think! Embrace new ideas and maximize the full potential in us. “Sometimes, we have to find someone who can tell us or teach us exactly how we should be thinking.” Revive that spirit when we were yet little ones. Who knows no limit and the only limit they knew are the ones they set forth.  The scripture is correct, “Be ye as little children…” and remember, “There is no future without dreams” and “Where there is no vision, people perish”

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