Where To Buy Souvenirs At Hundred Islands? (Stella Ls’ Store)

hundred islands - cliffordbustillo.wordpress.com/hundred-islands

Our hundred islands getaway won’t be complete without buying enough souvenirs.

Though we know we have been in this place (and I’m sure you felt or will feel the same way) still we must quenched for that emotional satisfaction of wearing or displaying stuff from the said place of anyplace we have been. Not because we’re bragging but to keep the mem’ries alive every time we wear or see those souvenirs. 

 Moving forward, we had a great time roaming around at some souvenir stores (there are stores offering cool shells collections for home decor) and finally landed at Stella Ls’ Store. We have bought several shirts from them for my in-laws, our son, mine and for a friend. My wife bought a cute color blue beach attire dress which perfectly suites her style and color.

The people at this store are very kind and accommodating even the owner herself, Ms  hundred islands 026Stella. They have provided us other options in the event we don’t prefer a design and at the same time flexible with their rates. Be reminded though that they are not charity institution neither our travel and tour (hehehehe).

Hence I’m posting this as a way of thanking the staff even the owner of the said souvenir store for being kind to answer our queries and meeting our budget. Also to fulfill a promise that I will personally write about them and our experience buying souvenirs, nothing else.

In the end, it’s your decision where to buy souvenirs and what kind of souvenirs. Since not all souvenirs that we think of can be bought at Stella Ls’ Store. Roam around and find the best that suites your needs. It so happen that we find them very accommodating and have satisfied our needs or demands. hundred islands tour package - lovekoanawangin.wordpress.com/hundred-islands-tour-package-for-a-minimum-of-4-pax

You can fit in the colored shirts but not the white ones.

Learn more about hundred islands here!


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