Easy Ways On How To Avoid Scam!

Please note that this is primarily written for those who are shopping around trying to find a legit deal with their getaway but may also apply in various ways.

Let’s move forward!

Some of our guests in Love Ko Anawangin had this negative experience being scammed how to avoid scamfrom unknown people or institution. Hence they are quite skeptical with anyone they are trying to transact with. And so I thought of sharing some tips which I’m explaining with them which I hope would be beneficial to everyone.

1st – If it’s too good to be true decline! This also applies for those who are offering or being offered with various investments with no risk with a guarantee “fast and high return”. A lot of people are being scammed simply because everyone seems wanted to be rich quick or in other words “The return of investment is quick with HIGH INTEREST”. 

Same goes with getting a travel package where many wanted it to be quick. Most often though (I’m not saying always) it’s the other way around where an offer is too low. There are some exceptions but be mindful and apply further tips which will be noted hereafter.

Reminder: There are offers which are too low which may be true but the question is “How much do you think will be left to the boatmen? Are you creating decent jobs with that rate?

2nd- Ask Google! Have you googled already your query? Just Google It! Google gives relevant posts, Just-google-itarticles, blogs, sites and the like towards your query. The 1st page contains the most relevant information. Each page contains 10 related blogs, sites etc that’s why a lot of companies are spending a lot to rank at google.

3rd- Do they have UPDATED SITE or BLOG? This is a follow up from your action above.  We’re now in a pace where technology is so advanced. This means you ought to be discussing with someone who have a SITE or BLOG or an updated fan page perhaps. Check if it’s updated especially for a blog. How would you know that? Check its archive and if archive isn’t reflecting check at least 4-6 latest posts and see the days or weeks of interval. You’ll find out that if it’s up to date or not.

4th- Dig further! Search for interactive notes and or check if images congruent from one claimed shop to another. You can do this by assessing the comments and images therein. Is there an interaction? How quick the respond is? Can you see the guy there? Interaction is the key especially online. You would think twice if a person declines doing so as scammers provide very little (if not fake) personal data.

Nowadays almost everyone has face book accounts. Take that opportunity and asses the Facebook person carefully. This can take less than an hour or so and painless so take your time.

5th- Bank transactions is better than money transfer mediums. Is it under the persons name you are trying to deal with? I’m sure you’ll agree how easy it is here in the Philippines to create fake ID’s. As such I personally prefer bank transactions unless I knew the guy personally then I’ll go with LBC, Cebuana and the like.

Before depositing you might want to ask if the account can be deposited via check (either the owner of the account or the depositor).

FYI: An account holder must present at least 4 valid ID’s making his/her account open for check deposit.

These are but few but I hope it’ll help you as much as it did to me and with my clients.

Till next time!

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