Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 01

Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 01

In social media marketing, I can’t help but keep on thinking and reading new strategies on how I can use different social media sites in engaging with our fans to our products or services either for my own or for my clients’ in which they hire me to do such.

Here are some tips which I hope you’ll find beneficial. Remember to comment and spread the word.

Sell yourself by being personal. Facebook is all about sharing. Thus, when you sharesocial media markeeting - your thoughts they become connected with you and your brand. And why would they not respond when it’s more human? Share your feelings and opinions which will help your fans know more about you and not just the product. In this way you fans can connect more with you (personally). I guess you know what impact this word “personal” means to them and to you. You see, when fans know more about you (personally) then the more they bind themselves with you or your brand. There is this connection which is a strong indication of long lasting relationship.

Now it would depend how personal you’re going to share in a kind of business you’re into. Right now, one of the things that I’m into is travelling. And trust me, if I can, I do personal tour with our guests (I’m not sure if there are someone who owns a travel and tour and at the same time personally touring guests such as I do). Hence I do post other areas that my family are travelling with which in return giving them idea/s that they need to go there as well and or that I’m dead serious about the packages that I’m offering and so on and so forth.

Ask questions. Before ending any seminar of mine. I used to ask my audience if theysocial media marketing -  have any questions. And if there are none then I would say “If there is no question then there’s no answer”. Same goes in facebook. We want to incline our fans to answer a question. You can use the words Which, Where, Should or When which are more successful in generating engagement than asking Why.

Let me give you two examples. First is I’m asking them to vote which of the two images is better. Or showing a poll ( shown above) and then they’ll just click which of the categories they prefer such as the case in Metro Houses Realty. In this way I can determine who among the likers are really participating and generate leads to your business.

Do you already have in mind?

That’s it for now though. Keep in touch with more social media marketing tips. I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts or experience and or share this post to everyone. Thanks!


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