More Tips On How To Avoid Scam!

I have shared previously some ways you and I can use to avoid scam. Just a quick review these are follows: 1st – If it’s too good to be true decline! 2nd- Ask Google! Have you googled already your query? 3rd- Do they have UPDATED SITE or BLOG? 4th- Dig further! 5th- Bank transactions is better than money transfer mediums.
You may view the said post by clicking the next phrase, “Easy wasy on how to avoid scam“.

Today I shall add further tips.

Challenge for a video discussion! This is very essential especially if we’re talking skype discussion about huge sum of fund. Be bold and consistent that you’re serious in knowing the person you’re trying to deal with. After all, it’s al l about connection. It’s about bridging your needs to them. However be cautious of not showing much need as they’ll create a bate.
In the course of my personal study, it’s the seller who does offer video or should initiate it but take extra precautions as it may be a bluff only. So be ready! I suggest you should have at least a skype account (which I prefer and have been using). So that when that challenge is up you know what to do. Once this took place asses with your discussion how serious and knowledgeable he or she is.

Again, scammers tend to provide little information about them, if not all fake.

Be careful on meet ups! When meet ups is necessary. Take extra precaution. On my meet ups end, we meet in a bank. I show them my id’s and my passbook. And they are the ones depositing in my account not me.

Recently it was aired in news of a certain guy (selling a product) who had a meet up with a buyer. After giving the product the buyer told the guy to wait for him near the ATM for him to withdraw. The seller has been waiting for quite some time and so he tries to catch the attention of the buyer. But the buyer suddenly acted as if he doesn’t know the seller. Much to the sellers surprise when the buyer (scammer) called security guards complaining that the seller is bugging him. Security tried to help (but apparently they are not well trained to handle such situation). Instead of getting hold of the two, they we’re lead (unconsciously) to arrest the seller instead of the scammer. It’s already late when they found the truth.

My thing is, make sure the place is secure. And when we say “kaliwaan” then kaliwaan! And if the above example had happened to you (hopefully not) make sure both are held and proper interviews are conducted. These people have no accountability. They will put the blame in you. You have to outsmart them!

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