Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 02

Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 02

Just a quick review.  We have discussed previously the importance of being personal and asking questions in order to connect with your fans. And so we’ll move forward with additional tips.

Trigger their emotions and or memory through visuals. I have met thousands if social media marketing - millions of people and I tell you I can remember a lot of faces (same goes with places) but rarely I recall their names. How about you? I mean can you recall names/words/phrases/ more of faces/images? I’m sure you would agree that you and I can remember more visuals such as pictures and videos than of a standard post or text. This is a human nature my friend. Take advantage of this through social media marketing!

Share simple yet powerful images that will deliver the kind of impact you wanted to achieve. Place contents that will boost their tendency to stay more in your page or to keep them from watching, reading or leading to a specific blog or site.

Trust me! Even a simple image can get more likes than of ordinary post.  A smiley perhaps or you can share your humor by sharing funny but wholesome images. It’s not bad to laugh once in a while. In fact, it will tell your them that you’re a cool guy isn’t it?

In my example under love ko anawangin fan page. I wanted to instill in their mind the kind of landscape at anawangin of which they’ll be attracted to visit and explore the place. What kind of image or idea you wanted to retain in your clients minds?

Be proactive by being responsive. The reason we wanted to have a blast of content is that we wanted to know what our clients preferences, feelings, ideas, experience, suggestions and ultimately their buying behavior.  But you can’t reach these goals without responding with their query, appreciation or complaint. Not just respond but proactively responding. This means we should respond the quickest possible time.  If not , then at least advice them of an approximate time frame of which you will be getting in touch with them.

The second image tells you of a recent inquiry in our love ko anawangin fan page. You’ll social media marketing - how quick I was able to answer the query. And although the quote was sent a bit late I was able to close the deal and they will be hitting anawangin on 27 July 2013!

By being responsive, you will notice how they will regard you for doing such. It creates this intense level of engagement. Creating more bridges toward success. And I’m pretty sure how pleased you fans would be. Take a moment to say thank you for liking. A few minutes will do. Be reminded that we wanted to generate lasting relationships. Address their issues accordingly and if there’s a need for private discussion be willing to extend options like emailing or calling.

If the volume is too high or you’re too busy doing this then you might want to consider hiring a social media marketer or a Virtual Assistant.

That’s it for now. Keep in touch with more social media marketing tips.

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