It is possible! Who says it’s not?

It is possible!

When we were yet kids, we think beyond the impossible. I remember one time when I was it is possible - cliffordbustillo.wordpress.coma little boy playing my friend. I took a scrap of blanket, placed it at my back then knotted it over my neck. Look! Up in the sky. It’s Ssssuuuppppeeeerrrrmmmmaaaannnn! Yes, in an instant I became “The Man of Steal” and I’m the man. Some girls including my sister took their brooms, ride on it and start flying. They must have sung Hogwarts School song had Harry Potter existed in our early childhood. Oh I miss being a child don’t you.

But as we grow old, things have changed and change it will for it is inevitable. But the “possible” turned to be impossible and for many it is a definite impossible. Some had followed someone else’s opinion of them to be their reality. Many had been defeated by their own fear without even trying. Others had an idea but end up not acting. They are simply accumulating the wealth in the graveyard. This is not the way we dreamed of things isn’t it?

Ask ourselves, had an idea came in when we’re kids’ will we act abruptly? It’s a resounding, YES! What is it then that others have that we didn’t? Is there something special about them that we don’t posses or acquire? Is it money or education? Let’s face it and face we must! The difference is this, they acted because they thought its Possible!

It is possible! Always remember that. I remember this phrase from one of my favourite motivational speaker, Mr Less brown. No matter what your situation or circumstance maybe. No matter how young or old you are. No matter how tough the adversary is. No matter what your goal is. Say to your selves, “It is possible” because it is. Remember that we were born creators. You only have to act when that idea comes in. Thinking is a powerful attribute that we poses. It’s not too late to learn and rekindle that spirit of our youthful days. For I know, it is possible.

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