Circuit Warz – Subic Fitness Festival!

Circuit Warz – Subic Fitness Festival!

Me With Coach Reijo Maranan del Prado
Me With Coach Reijo Maranan del Prado

We were lead by 2008 Mr. Philippines title holder Reijo Maranan del Prado for this activity (held at FTX Fitness Gym) which by the way open to individuals and circuit teams alike, featuring speed-repetition, speed-endurance and power-weight exercises. Too bad I have a back surgery hence I only participated only one activity, hehehehehe, and aside from cheering my fellow bloggers (piece of cake).

Basically Circuit Warz consists of three events are as follows.

1st, Gladiators Battle – The Fastest Lap Finish. The activities are as follows.

  • 200m Sprint
  • 10 Gladiator Combo (5-push-ups, 10 mountain climbers, 1 pike jump)
  • 20 Lockout Pull-ups
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 100m Sprint 35kg Sandbag Transfer
  • Linear Hop Agility Ladder
  • Lateral Hop Hurdles
Linear Hop Agility Ladder and Lateral Hop Hurdles
At FTX Gym

The idea of this challenge is to complete the said activities the soonest possible time without error otherwise a penalty will be raised or the repetition will not be counted. Our head blogger team, Omar, finished this at roughly 10 minutes while Marco is at roughly 7 minutes. As much as I wanted to join but the 100m Sprint 35kg Sandbag Transfer is not advisable by Coach Reijo. Good news is I’m still fit with this activity but with constant training as it will strain by back.

As I asses it, you’re legs and upper body will really drug you down doing the 10 Gladiator Combo followed by 20 Lockout Pull-ups. We’re making fun of our fellow bloggers (we’re really good at it) but you’ll feel the intensity and excitement of Circuit Warz by you just watching. It’s really fun!

2nd, Extreme Enduro Challenge – Endurance Challenge consisting of the following battles.

  • Push–ups Rep-Out (Elbows lock, chest touching marshal’s first, 05 seconds time out limit)
  • Pull-ups Rep-Out (Elbows lock, chin bar-high, no time out, no grip release)
  • Atlas Time-Out (Longest time to hold inverted position)
  • 32kg Kettlebell Swing Time-Out (65kg-70kg Athlete Weight Limit, No rest, chin-high swing)
  • Box jump 100 reps Time-Out (Fastest time to finish 100 reps)
  • 150lbs Log Deadlift Rep-Out (65kg-70kg Athlete Weight Limit, Log should touch the ground, with body hyper extended during lift)
  • Battling Rope Wave Time-Out (Longest time)

I can do the first two and the last one but all other activities needs training as stated by Coach Reijo so as to avoid further back damage on my end. As I stated I only participated in one activity and it’s the Battling Rope Wave Time-Out where I lasted less than a minute. I tell you it’s really tiring waving rope and keep going on as much as you can. But I think I could have last longer had I made my waving a little milder because what I did was a brisk wave. I must say though that your forearm must be strong for this activity plus a good grip tolerance.

3rd, Strongman Invasion, Strength and Power Supremacy

  • 130lbs Log Clean and Press Rep-Out (70kg-75kg Athlete Weight Limit)
  • 50kg Sand Bag Distance Transfer (75kg-80kg Athlete Weight Limit) Subic Fitness Fest
  • 35kg Alternate Sandbag Shouldering Rep-Out (60kg-65kg Athlete Weight Limit)
  • Strongman Long Deadlift Heaviest Lift (82.5kg-85kg Athlete Weight Limit)

I have no intention to join any of these activities, hahhahahahahaha!

4th, Thug of Warz

  • 100m sprint towards the rope before pulling.

So there, with these Circuit Warz activities, it will test the speed, endurance and power-weight of each teams. Subic Fitness Festival will be held on November 15, 16, and 17, 2013 at Subic Free Port Zone – Harbor Point, Camayan Beach and Ocean Adventure. Break a leg guys!

6 thoughts on “Circuit Warz – Subic Fitness Festival!”

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  2. Hi there, Just wanna ask! Ito po ba yung lalabas na mga activities for the circuit warz? Thanks po in advance. By the way, we’re from bacolod city planning to join this activity.

      1. Thanks po. We will surely enjoy this event. Some of our friends will be joining the zumba and yogathlon also. Cheers! Long Live Fitness in the Philippines. 🙂

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