Table Tennis – A Blast! (Subicfitfest)

Yesterday was a blast!I had a great time reminiscing mem’ries of my high school life competing and representing my school playing table tennis.Table Tennis at TATAPHIL

I haven’t been active since then but once in a while I do play and visit areas like Amoranto Stadium, morayta (LDS Open University) and at Wild Life (Ninoy Aquino Park) being tutored by my master, Antonio Cariño.

And so upon hearing this table tennis as part of subicfitfest. I can’t help but get too excited not only to once again revive those good old days (I’m still young being 29,hehehe) but to meet our country’s national team. Next thing I know, I’m running at Rizal Stadium looking for TATAPHIL crib and my heart is beating fast with excitement. At last!

With "The Legend" - Ting Ledesma
With “The Legend” – Ting Ledesma

I brought my paddle (sriver butterfly rubber and a class c carbonized wood paddle) with me but I got no time to buy nitaku 3 star ball. Anyway, while waiting for other bloggers, I had a chance to have a rally with Sir Sandro. Marunong pa pala ko! And so the pocket event eventually started where we met Ting Ledesma (The Legend and TATAPHIL President), Coach Johanne Remaneses, Ryan (Nashspinner) and other national team players. 

Coach Johanne (with Ryan – Nashspinner) taught about table tennis rules, some trivias, scoring system, proper paddle handling and shadow excercise for both forehand and backhand. After which each bloggers (excluding me) had a chance to have a live practise using “Robo Pong” but two female bloggers are personally tutored by Coach Johanne to avoid bulk trainees at the Robo Pong area. Must watch some videos by clicking this link below!

Good thing our teeth have been sharpened by KFC after sweating for quite some time. We finally ended taking pictures with our proud National Team and with some giveaways. But I remained (while all bloggers went off) at the area watching them practice and finally had a chance to play with one of them. It feels great you know! Table tennis is indeed for everyone unlike some fitness activities where seniors or even I, due to back surgery are limited or restrained to join.

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