I’ll Travel While I’m Young! While I Can!

Me At Capones Island
Me At Capones Island

Have you noticed that more often those who are retired are the ones traveling? You see them in real life around the world most especially in movies. It’s part of their retirement plans which is a good thing. And that’s part of our plan too. With one big difference “We don’t intend to hit 60 before experiencing nature’s beauty.”

Over the past years though, I think there has been an increase with the level of travelers’ specifically young ones roaming around in the country. It’s not a survey thing per se, but I think you and I will agree the noticeable jump of them booking different tour packages with two thumbs up saying It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

I suppose one big factor is the presence and continuous boost of BPO companies. Harnessing the young and healthier ones for outsourcing in return of nice compensation and benefits. I have been with two of these giant BPOs (one of them is “The Number One Brand in the World”). And I have enjoyed their team building programs where they set aside some funds (not sure with other BPOs) for it.

Another thing I think is that more and more people now understand the importance and impeccable effect of touring with regard to their value, health, nature and Philippine Tourism. They’re now saving and planning than ever. Perhaps they understand that putting off traveling because they want to be responsible, work hard and have their own family isn’t the best choice rather to include it.

Last thing is I think (and I’m experiencing it) that more and more people are having surplus funds. Our economy is doing better than before. You may disagree with this one but consider and weigh. Some say there is no change while others say it’s going better. But consider this. There’s more traffic more than ever which means more and more cars are running. Please tell me I’m wrong.

Amidst these changes I would still echo “Travel while young because there’s no guaranteed old age!”

Me On Top Of Capones Lighthouse
Me On Top Of Capones Lighthouse

I’m grateful for this body of mine. So remarkable! As you may have known, I already have several surgeries. One of which is back surgery which limits me from minor things. But by far these things are unable to hinder me from touring and travelling. Yes I have lumbar surgery, yes I have tinnitus, yes I have vertigo and two more surgeries but I intend to enjoy and maximize my one and only body while it’s alert and full of vigor.

While I plan to travel upon retiring, I intend to start ahead of time. So that when that time comes (not so distant but unknown), I will have no regrets. So

Travel while young! Travel while you can!

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