Family Day – Swimming At La Mesa Ecopark

Bustillo Family Day Swimming Trip At La Mesa Ecopark

I have been personally touring hundreds (if not thousands) of guests with our tour sites featuring different beaches,  hiking areas, island hopping and other tour activities and I must say I’m now longing for swimming pool. Hence my family agreed to take La Mesa Ecopark since it’s one of the nearest in our place. Isle At La Mesa Ecopark

My wife, Verna, asked a friend (Ate Bing) who is very good in cooking to cook for us and come along as well. Ate Bing is so generous that we only shared Php150.00 for the food. She cooked delicious hot and spicy kaldereta, some tawilis, spinach, eggplant and bought one “hilaw na mangga” (my wifes’ favorite). Gggggggrrrrrrr! Delicious! Anyway, on our part we bought one melon and cooked rice (fresh from bikol).

After my wifes’ class (she’s an excellent online english teacher), we head on to La Mesa Ecopark. Along with my wife and Isle are Mama (Vernas’ mom), Ate Bing and a young boy named Bryan (Ate Bing’s neighbor). We took a trike to main highway and paid Php50.00. Since we’re 4 adults we decided to hire a taxi where we paid Php190.00.

I’m quite upset for paying Php20.00 (asked by the guard at Winston Subd since private property daw) when in some cases where we use trike there’s no fee. Actually back in a day they’re asking same amount to any vehicle. Is this how the homeowners of this civilized subdivision support tourism in the country?

Anyway, I don’t want to ruin my family day so we head on. At the briefing are, we paid only Php40.00/ adult and Php20.00/kid since we’re QC residents (you must present a valid id otherwise higher rate will apply). Moving forward we took advantage of the free shuttle service going to the swimming pool area.

My wife in a nipa at La Mesa EcoparkBefore registering at the pool area, we ate lunch at a near nipa since it’s not allowed to eat inside. Surprisingly, according with my wife the notice Php500/kubo rental isn’t there the last time they’be been here (roughly a week ago). We’re not sure what its all about but after noticing that others are eating/resting we decided to give a try. Good thing we’re not charged (to be honest it would be way expensive to rent it beside it has to have a lock or the nipa should be an enclosed one but it’s not). Anyweay, Oh we had a full tummy! Ate Bing is really good at cooking.

After eating and resting for a while, we head on and paid Php80.00/adult and Php40.00/kid below 3 feet.Huray! Here we go!

Underwater picure area at La Mesa EcoparkThe water is cold but refreshing.  It’s really relaxing and it feels good especially if you’ve exceeded your limit. Feels great! Good thing there are few guests (w/c is normal on weekdays). You can count them using your fingers. Hahahahaha!

They have this area where you can take picture beside the pool as if it’s taken underwater. Check it out!

Swimming is really healthy . I can feel more resistance and longevity as I push harder. For the record, I’m not a swimming expert.

After a couple of hours and it’s about 3pm (La Mesa Ecopark is up to 4pm only), we ate again then went off. We could have stayed and roam around but it’s really tiring and we intend to get home early so we head on.

Trike driver  is kind enough to bring us as far as at Mcdo near FCM and paid Php50.00 overall. Good thing there’s a trike having a sticker  in our area where he took us for only Php75.00 (riding a jeep going to north fairview would costs Php8.00/head plus another trike ride so we’re pretty good at his rate).

So there! Visit La Mesa Ecopark Today!

Low costs and it’s a hidden garden in a busy and hectic quezon city.

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