Commitment To Love! To Courage Zone!

Commitment To Love! To Courage Zone! – Why marriage should not be prolonged?

Marriage is a delicate subject and there’s a lot of factors to consider. The purpose of this message is not to contradict but to encourage readers to weigh and consider. Seeking guidance through constant meaningful prayer is still the best.

Whenever I had a chance to speak with old couples (especially while serving my full time mission) I usually ask them me and my eternal companionhow they’ve met and the process in which both fell in love. Did he serenade? Send bouquet of flowers with bars of chocolates, (you know all those stuff). How wonderful it is to listen with their different love stories. Such full of love, faith, patience, understanding and courage. And then I would ask “How well do you know your partner right now?” A resounding answer is “It’s a life time process to fully know your companion, a never ending getting to know each other.” I’m not sure if you guys have asked this, too, but generally, the answer is the same.

I thought, if that is the case then there’s not much of a need to keep on preparing and preparing (especially knowing your future companion) since it’s an endless process to know them. The world says “You don’t know him/her yet”, “Take your time”, “Give a try and do live-in” “You’re too young to marry” “Single is freedom” “Enjoy while single” and many other forms. Most are for the sole purpose of buying enough time to know the other person or not knowing at all.

Did you now that the more you know the person the harder it is to love him/her? And when trouble comes they’re the worst enemies. Most of them you have seen at TV shows. From best friends now worst enemies. Fighting against each other. Telling each other’s flaws and weaknesses. Why? Because they knew each other. In this regard, do you really want to know him/her? If you do, why and what for? Then what? Leave when seen things you don’t like or easily give up when things didn’t work the way you intend to be?

What’s wrong with people?

In India and in other countries or culture (sometimes here in the Philippines) pre -arranged marriage is still practiced. But why in America or in other regions where education, job, fame and power is abundant, divorce is massive? I’m not encouraging pre-arranged marriage by the way.

So what am I suggesting? Well, to really pin down why you really want to know your future eternal companion. Whitney Tyson says “The Power Of Love”, I say “Commitment To Love”. I’d like to exhort this phrase rather pursuing selfish desires or committing indeed but to only know without neither deeper meaning as lasting as the word “eternal” nor the courage to feel it.

Imagine Jesus Christ knowing He will be betrayed (for He knew) yet He still continued loving. Jesus the Christ is committed to love, full of courage to feel, share, and experience. Though He knew His apostles’ flaws yet He stayed with them and forgave them. Back up with courage, He have loved them for He exactly knew his purpose and committed to do it. Ought we not to do the same?

Commitment To Love is tantamount to true happiness where education, money, job, fame and the like is far less committment to love to courage zoneimportant than of “Eternal Family”. Commitment is the binding force that welds two unique individuals making them one twain. If one is committed to love not merely to know. It ( the knowing process) becomes more meaningful and it becomes eternal, a never ending process.

Ironically, there are some singles (sometimes married couples) have neither this nor the courage to. But I promise you that if and when you cultivate the courage to be Committed To Love. You will become “.. so near to another, that no air can come between…that.. cannot be sundered” (Job 41:16-17) for it will lead you to a never ending process. Leaving your comfort zone to “Courage Zone” after all you’re marrying not to be happy but to make someone happy!

Now, who wants to step into the “Courage Zone”?

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