Sharing The Spirit Of Christmas At Home For The Aged – 23 Dec 2013!

Sharing The Spirit Of Christmas At Home For The Aged – 23 Dec 2013!

I was excited to be our groups MC for this event and thought this was cancelled since we agreed to hit this on 2nd week of December 2013. But I’m glad this was moved on this day.

We arrive around 9:30am at Boys Town (near Tayuman River, Sharing The Spirit Of Christmas At Home For The AgedMarikina) and waited for a while because the visitors/group who are ahead of us are still there. But as soon as it’s our turn, we took every opportunity to maximize our limited time to bring joy with our new Lolo and Lola.

We made a simple program consisting of two songs: Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful and Joy To The World. A surprise chorister and super surprise solo number from our friend Fernan ( I jokingly told them after Fernan’s number that it’s the guitars fault, out of tune! hahahahaha). Beforehand I was aware/informed that our new Lola and Lolo will have their participation as well through dancing and singing.Hence we made it as simple as possible while having fun.

Boy, you can see how happy they were. Those glowing eyes and sincere wrinkled smiles.

We thought of making them happy this Christmas but it’s the other way around! Much to our surprise they have prepared several dance numbers and songs. And not just dance of old folks (as you and I may anticipated), they have “ChaChaCha – of Ryza Mar from Eat Bulaga”, “Gimigimi song” and among other recent dance songs. I tell you, it’s really fun and surprising at their age. Same goes with singing. Oh, if you can only hear their “Matt Monroe”. Plus they taught us a free dance lesson! Now that’s amazing and for FREE!

Check out the video below!

While having fun with them, I thought of my missing father and of my grandparents. I don’t know what happened but suddenly I felt I was about to cry but I managed to control it. I don’t want them see me crying not because I’m a cry baby but I prefer being with them that way. No crying they say.

I tell you, “The Spirit Of Christmas is at The Home For The Aged.” You can feel their joy and excitement being with us. There were dancing, singing, sharing about their life or used to be and of course eating and gratefully accepted our small present.

A gift, truly need not come from the pocket. Giving our time when there is none is way precious than gold.  Sharing The Spirit Of Christmas At Home For The Aged

Glowing eyes.

Laughter’s that have been shut for days or so.

Unbiased smiles.

Sincere words of gratitude and prayer.

For me, these are precious which are seldom experienced out there. Precious moments that I would be happy bringing with as I go back with our Maker. And tell HIM how I used my time in sharing The Spirit Of Christmas in small and simple ways.

In my lists next year!


More Pictures To Be Uploaded. 

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