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Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 03

Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 03

Just a quick review.  We have discussed in Part 01 the importance of being personal and asking questions in order to connect with your fans. In Part 02, I have shared the effects of employing visuals and proactive responding.

Today I’ll share additional tips.

post at the right time
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Posting at the right time! I know how eager you are in sharing your thoughts, questions, images and the like. Question is, are they hearing us when we’re shouting? Think about someone who sells a balut in the morning. Selling something which is not known at the time of its peak won’t generate income at all (taho back then are sold in the morning but due to changes like the emergence of the BPO industry it’s now sold in the evening too). Same goes when posting in facebook. Ask yourself what is the most probable time your fans or potential clients are browsing the net and hit that time. So you can attain optimized results.

Technically most fans are browsing Continue reading Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 03

Sharing The Spirit Of Christmas At Home For The Aged – 23 Dec 2013!

Sharing The Spirit Of Christmas At Home For The Aged – 23 Dec 2013!

I was excited to be our groups MC for this event and thought this was cancelled since we agreed to hit this on 2nd week of December 2013. But I’m glad this was moved on this day.

We arrive around 9:30am at Boys Town (near Tayuman River, Sharing The Spirit Of Christmas At Home For The AgedMarikina) and waited for a while because the visitors/group who are ahead of us are still there. But as soon as it’s our turn, we took every opportunity to maximize our limited time to bring joy with our new Lolo and Lola.

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Solemn New Star!

Solemn New Star – The True Spirit Of Christmas!

Front From Left Nene, Niknik, Me & Kuya Jojo
Back From Left Nanay, Tita Marissa & Ate Janet

One of my childhood memory was when we were asked by Nanay and Papa (we used to call them that way) to go out and roam round and feel Christmas Season. We eagerly agreed as we’re anticipating for this much awaited season. Before leaving, we were asked what our wish is and we did tell it excitedly. I think my sister asked for something but Nanay answered better to have umbrella instead which my sister gladly agreed.  Then we were asked to hang our socks at the door so that Santa may place the gifts/wish we want to have. After all is set and done, I thought why Papa wouldn’t come. I wonder! Hmmmm.

Anyway, we head on at the tinampu (Bikol term which means road) and enjoyed the ambiance of Christmas. After an hour or two, we went back home and much to our surprise; we saw our socks filled with stuff. All wish have been granted and yes my sister got an umbrella!  Everyone is so happy even our parents.

I can’t recall my age at that time but I have this idea who may have done it. Not really Santa I thought, it’s Papa! Hehehehe.

I’m sure you’re also for this season. But as I grew older I came to a conclusion that the idea or practices I was taught of about Christmas is way wrong.

Let me ask you this. What idea pops in your mind when we talk about Christmas? Continue reading Solemn New Star!

Commitment To Love! To Courage Zone!

Commitment To Love! To Courage Zone! – Why marriage should not be prolonged?

Marriage is a delicate subject and there’s a lot of factors to consider. The purpose of this message is not to contradict but to encourage readers to weigh and consider. Seeking guidance through constant meaningful prayer is still the best.

Whenever I had a chance to speak with old couples (especially while serving my full time mission) I usually ask them me and my eternal companionhow they’ve met and the process in which both fell in love. Did he serenade? Send bouquet of flowers with bars of chocolates, (you know all those stuff). How wonderful it is to listen with their different love stories. Such full of love, faith, patience, understanding and courage. And then I would ask “How well do you know your partner right now?” A resounding answer is “It’s a life time process to fully know your companion, a never ending getting to know each other.” I’m not sure if you guys have asked this, too, but generally, the answer is the same.

I thought, if that is the case then there’s not much of a need to keep on preparing and preparing (especially knowing your future companion) since it’s an endless process to know them. The world says “You don’t know him/her yet”, “Take your time”, “Give a try and do live-in” “You’re too young to marry” “Single is freedom” “Enjoy while single” and many other forms. Most are for the sole purpose of buying enough time to know the other person or not knowing at all.

Did you now that the more you know the person the harder it is to love him/her? Continue reading Commitment To Love! To Courage Zone!