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Achieving the Greatest Investment

As a banking finance graduate, I was taught various financial calculations which I can still recall but few. I was taught of different ways on how business works. Various ways one can invest. There are bonds, stocks, mutual funds and so on and so forth. But as I grew older, I asked myself “What is the greatest investment we can have?”

As I reflected the matter, I thought of how much I have in bank account that I might invest. I thought of reading up to date mat or perhaps starting a business. I thought of the risks lie ahead versus playing it safe. Nonetheless, my aim is to be stable financially that I might support the needs of my family especially the future of my child or children. And I guess this is everyone’s dream as well. Moving forward, I also thought of how would I want to retire and what pension I might receive after years of labors. All of these questions rambled in my mind. “Choose the right!” they say. But as I contemplated the matter, I remember my Mission Presidents story in one of out meeting when I was a young full time missionary.

He relayed his experience as a father busy doing a lot of financial records. One time, one of his sons asked what is in his briefcase. He then patiently answered that it contains important things. The young boy asked again, “How important it is?” He answered that it is “Very important”. Of course it is, because it contains valuable information. But as he thought of the incident, he realized that it doesn’t contain the most important thing in this world nor will it ever be. Why? Because the most important thing he has, is his family.

It’s not bad to think ways on how to invest our assets for it is requisite for us to sustain our daily needs and the future. Aiming to be rich is not bad either, so long our intention is to help ourselves and clothed the naked as the scripture says. I’ve heard numerous stories of men achieving so much, manifested in plaque, in news, and in the business world but have failed in their homes. Their main reason of working hard is for the welfare of his family but has lost focused. Invested their freedom of choice so much  for work or for the business but hasn’t made quality time for the family. The main objective has lost its meaning, how tragic it is. Please don’t wait for your partner or child to say this. “How much is your pay a day and I’ll give it, just for you to have time with us.” Remember to build the future by not  killing the eternity. But as we search for these opportunities, may we be reminded that these aren’t our greatest investment or anything else except our very own family.

May you and I fall not on this trap.Let the power of choice linger in you heart to do the right thing which is to have more quality time with them. Be reminded again that the greatest investment that we can have in this life and the life to come, our family.

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