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To live with fear is half living. Life is too short to live in fear and worries.Let us all be motivated and say “It is possible because I can!”

The Power of Choice

In a vast and changing world where we live, we face different situations with different choices. All of us wanted to make the right ones in order to gain that sense of accomplishment. Hence, we do everything we can to be successful. But along the

way we are beset by different forces and at times have driven or taken our power of choice, like addiction. There are situations as well, wherein we are preoccupied and bombarded by a lot of things especially our quest to survive. Not noticing the simple and yet sublime choices which lead to eternal happiness.

Yes! I’m pertaining to our freedom of choice and or our daily choices in life whether in relationship, in our family, budgeting, et cetera et cetera. The power of choice is always in our hand. It is given for our benefit and growth, for us to know what accountability is. These daily choices are very crucial, for it will hone and determine our future well being especially our personal development. It has been said that “We are what we are right now because of the choices we made yesterday. And we will become, from the choices we are going to make today.” And I totally agree! Continue reading The Power of Choice