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I’ll Travel While I’m Young! While I Can!

Me At Capones Island
Me At Capones Island

Have you noticed that more often those who are retired are the ones traveling? You see them in real life around the world most especially in movies. It’s part of their retirement plans which is a good thing. And that’s part of our plan too. With one big difference “We don’t intend to hit 60 before experiencing nature’s beauty.”

Over the past years though, I think there has been an increase with the level of travelers’ specifically young ones roaming around in the country. It’s not a survey thing per se, but I think you and I will agree the noticeable jump of them booking different tour packages with two thumbs up saying It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

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The Tale Of Two Milkfish At Matukad Island – Caramoan

The Tale Of Two Milkfish At Matukad Island – Caramoan

Clifford At Matuklad Island

Before going into island hopping at caramoan, I often hear someone especially boatmen telling this story of two milk fish at a certain island which is quite intriguing. Good for me because I can still understand at least 80% of what they’re saying (I grew in Bonbon,Libon,Albay and left when I was twelve) and somehow I can still speak  but not as fluent as before.

As our boatmen, Manuy Randy (manuy/manoy is a bikol dialect which means kuya or big /older brother) prepares his boat. My friend asked about a recent incident of certain boatmen who died. Many Randy then relayed of that boatman’s fate after eating a milkfish. This boatman apparently took one of the two milk fish at matukad island and fed it to his family. But for some reason the boatman died. He goes on to say that no one knows why he died and why he’s the only one since his family is doing fine (imagine Manuy Randy telling this with terror in his voice) but no one dares to catch another one after which.

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Hundred Islands Transient Houses!

Hundred Islands
is truly a must see site. A great diversion from the hustle and bustle of the busy, urban life. Each of the islands offered something unique to us. Me and my family (especially our son Isle) had a great time there.


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