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More Tips On How To Avoid Scam!

I have shared previously some ways you and I can use to avoid scam. Just a quick review these are follows: 1st – If it’s too good to be true decline! 2nd- Ask Google! Have you googled already your query? 3rd- Do they have UPDATED SITE or BLOG? 4th- Dig further! 5th- Bank transactions is better than money transfer mediums.
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Today I shall add further tips.

Challenge for a video discussion! This is very essential especially if we’re talking skype discussion about huge sum of fund. Be bold and consistent that you’re serious in knowing the person you’re trying to deal with. After all, it’s al l about connection. It’s about bridging your needs to them. However be cautious of not showing much need as they’ll create a bate.
In the course of my personal study, Continue reading More Tips On How To Avoid Scam!

Easy Ways On How To Avoid Scam!

Please note that this is primarily written for those who are shopping around trying to find a legit deal with their getaway but may also apply in various ways.

Let’s move forward!

Some of our guests in Love Ko Anawangin had this negative experience being scammed how to avoid scamfrom unknown people or institution. Hence they are quite skeptical with anyone they are trying to transact with. And so I thought of sharing some tips which I’m explaining with them which I hope would be beneficial to everyone.

1st – If it’s too good to be true decline! This also applies for those who are offering or being offered with various investments with no risk with a guarantee “fast and high return”. A lot of people are being scammed simply because everyone seems wanted to be rich quick or in other words “The return of investment is quick with HIGH INTEREST”.  Continue reading Easy Ways On How To Avoid Scam!