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Solemn New Star!

Solemn New Star – The True Spirit Of Christmas!

Front From Left Nene, Niknik, Me & Kuya Jojo
Back From Left Nanay, Tita Marissa & Ate Janet

One of my childhood memory was when we were asked by Nanay and Papa (we used to call them that way) to go out and roam round and feel Christmas Season. We eagerly agreed as we’re anticipating for this much awaited season. Before leaving, we were asked what our wish is and we did tell it excitedly. I think my sister asked for something but Nanay answered better to have umbrella instead which my sister gladly agreed.  Then we were asked to hang our socks at the door so that Santa may place the gifts/wish we want to have. After all is set and done, I thought why Papa wouldn’t come. I wonder! Hmmmm.

Anyway, we head on at the tinampu (Bikol term which means road) and enjoyed the ambiance of Christmas. After an hour or two, we went back home and much to our surprise; we saw our socks filled with stuff. All wish have been granted and yes my sister got an umbrella!  Everyone is so happy even our parents.

I can’t recall my age at that time but I have this idea who may have done it. Not really Santa I thought, it’s Papa! Hehehehe.

I’m sure you’re also for this season. But as I grew older I came to a conclusion that the idea or practices I was taught of about Christmas is way wrong.

Let me ask you this. What idea pops in your mind when we talk about Christmas? Continue reading Solemn New Star!