Bolinao Getaway

Bolinao is a little treasure trove with a panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea. Clifford At Patar Beach Bolinao -

According with its history, there are three (3) versions where the name Bolinao came from. First, the name of the town could have been derived from the “Pamulinawen” tree which grew in abundance along the beaches. The second story claims that the name of the municipality came from the fish species “monamon” commonly called “Bolinao” by the Tagalogs, Bicolanos and Visayans. The third one is associated with the couple Bolido and Anao. The combination of their names created the name Bolinao, which is the name of the town. But whatever the real story is, it’s only a partial of the truth from the actual natural accumulation of its magnificent beauty.

It has a varied landscape even on the beach; on one part are sharp, rugged boulders where waves crash violently (be careful in this part), while in another is a smooth stretch of pure, cream-colored sand. It also has a 20-kilometer coral reef sprawl that’s home to king mackerel, trevally, and the endangered taklobo. That’s why you’ve got to include Bolinao in your list!

Patar is the quintessential Filipino beach where huts are arranged on the white beach shore. I actually thought it’s nice for surfers there but later on found out it isn’t due to its coral reefs. Perhaps there are areas suitable for surfers but I can’t tell.

Clifford At Patar Lighthouse - the sites we visited are as follows:

  • Bolinao Church
  • Patar Lighthouse
  • Patar Beach
  • Enchanted Cave
  • Tara Falls
  • Bolinao Falls

You can watch some personal videos of mine below.

All I can say is “You’ve gotta be here!”


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