Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 03

Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 03

Just a quick review.  We have discussed in Part 01 the importance of being personal and asking questions in order to connect with your fans. In Part 02, I have shared the effects of employing visuals and proactive responding.

Today I’ll share additional tips.

post at the right time
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Posting at the right time! I know how eager you are in sharing your thoughts, questions, images and the like. Question is, are they hearing us when we’re shouting? Think about someone who sells a balut in the morning. Selling something which is not known at the time of its peak won’t generate income at all (taho back then are sold in the morning but due to changes like the emergence of the BPO industry it’s now sold in the evening too). Same goes when posting in facebook. Ask yourself what is the most probable time your fans or potential clients are browsing the net and hit that time. So you can attain optimized results.

Technically most fans are browsing in the evening. But then again the question lies what is your target market? If your market is in U.S.A then you have to post here in the Philippines the other way around. Another consideration is if you’re a B2B market where companies may see more engagement during business hours. You may also take note of posting during launch time or closing time. In this way someone hears us when we’re shouting.

diversify your facebook posts
diversify your facebook posts

Do some research my friend and learn when your audience is online.  Asses when are they active both the hours of the day and days of the week and you’ll see more engagement.

Diversify your posts. By now you should have been practicing asking questions or polls and sharing images as well as other tips I shared previously. Imagine if you’re the fan and you’re going to see same topic over and over again. What would you feel and most likely what would you do? I’d run away!

Good for you if a fan will advice you but I doubt it.

On my end, as noted from the above image, I’m including my table tennis experience so that they would know my hobby/hobbies and that their actually dealing with an individual. Sometimes I’m sharing my articles about life or Christmas.

What’s yours?


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4 thoughts on “Tips To Engage Your Potential Clients On Facebook – Part 03”

  1. What’s the value do fans get when they know you’re playing table tennis? Shouldn’t you post more stuff about anawangin since that’s what fans liked the page for?

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      While it is true that one must “Post More” regarding the product or service being offered. One must weigh accordingly that in order to sell this and that, he/she must 1st sell himself/herself. As they say, You’re not selling the business rather yourself. Diversification then allows them to see the real you and feels you. It is the feeling why people buy not the actual product or service.

  2. If that’s the case, then why not create a bmxclifford fan page if you want to sell yourself, then from that page, you can actually sell the service you want to sell.

    Judging from the examples you brought up, I can say that it’s not effective since I cannot see any interaction happening on the table tennis post. Unless you could provide me with some additional stats on that page.

    Not to put you down buddy. Was just trying to learn more..

    1. Nice thought.

      You can not see it buddy nor will ever be, but I can “feel” it as in the emotional thing and I can feel it in my pocket.

      Diversification is selling the other you not just a poster/posser/admin. Diversification can be a question, wholesome joke, etc. I intended to share my table tennis experience as I’m one of the bloggers promoting Subicfitfest at that time. Subic is a few kilometers away from anawangin. I used this experience in my sale pitch (especially when describing anawangin or guiding them how to get there as Subic is way known than anawangin). Hence, guests are trusting me more knowing I’m one of it’s promoter and that I’m athletic as well. I guess that’s the “connection” you’re looking for.

      In the end, you’ll never really know how much impact it (a simple share of your hobby) can produce. I leave it up to you buddy.

      FYI: I shared it Sep 21, 2013. Used it in my pitch for the following month and closed two huge groups and one couple. A total of 20px/guests.

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