Hi! Clifford here!

I’m engaged back then with two major BPO companies (one of them is “The Number One Brand In The World”). But now, I enjoy being an entrepreneur, blogger, travel enthusiast, social media marketer, table tennis mentor and public speaker wanna be.Me and my loving wife! A former bmx amateur rider doing street and dirt tricks and now plans to have mountain bike instead due to back surgery (lumbar). Already have 3 surgeries, two of which are major which they say tend to decrease my memory (or amnesia) due to anesthesia but so far I still remember that I Love My One And Only Wife, Verna.

Part of being an entrepreneur, me and my team are currently offering anawangin tour package , bolinao tour, hundred islands tour packagenagsasa tour packagesagada tour , and recently launched caramoan package or survivor islands tour package and more to come. Aiming to encourage everyone to Travel While Young!”

Initially, this blog is intended more of sharing thoughts, ideas, experiences, success stories, et cetera et cetera, aiming to increase our awareness how powerful our mind is. About improving our daily choices in which our personal development is being molded. And in the end, invest our time making right choices for that which is far supernal from any investment, our family!!!

But nowadays, I’m including my adventures beholding the beauty of mother earth. Exploring and enjoying natures beauty as a way of being grateful for the opportunity to live  and to grow in this life. To showcase that it’s indeed “More Fun In The Philippines!

Only recently I decided to include social media marketing since I often use this tool as an entrepreneur and with my clients as well. My goal for this one is to share tips on how you can maximize the internet particularly social media site in generating leads to your business.

I hope that in this little way, each of us will be able to clear our paths, choose the right, focus on our goals, be determined,and let our freedom of choice uplift us both mind, spirit, make use of technology and enjoy mother earths bounteous beauty.

Contact me at bmxclifford at gmail dot com

Clifford here and I’m a Mormon.

To know more about me please visit


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